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Highlights From a Cranky Letter to the Editor

Critics of Restaurant Week abound, but here's someone using Restaurant Week as a platform to rip into Boston restaurants overall, citing some oddly particular grievances. The letter to the editor in Saturday's Globe announces "The problem is not just with Restaurant Week. It's with restaurants — in general, and year-round." And just what is the problem? According to the author, who lives in Needham, "It's been a long time since I've had a really good strong cup of black coffee, or freshly brewed dark tea, in any restaurant."

The letter also pines for "a large, simple Caesar salad composed of greens tasting as if they had been gathered in the fields that morning" and "mushrooms actually grown somewhere just for the purpose of their taste." And if only desserts could be limited to "just chocolate cake and homemade vanilla ice cream." So come on, Boston restaurants. Step up your game. Eliminate 99% of dessert options and get rid of those mushrooms that aren't grown anywhere.

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[Photo: A restaurant with good coffee, Facebook/Area Four]

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