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Devra First Gives M3 Two and a Half Stars

Photo: Cal Bingham

Globe restaurant critic Devra First says that a trip to M3 in Davis Square "feels like a perfect night on the other side of the Mason-Dixon, even though your sweetheart waitress might be a student at Tufts." She gives the restaurant, which opened in mid-June, two and a half stars. Though pickled shishito peppers are "mushy," fried green pickled tomatoes feature "a wonderfully fragile, flaky batter." A chilled soup "looks like swamp water" but is stricken from the bill for lack of enthusiasm and fried chicken is "darn good." Meanwhile, for Hungry Mother chef Barry Maiden's take on the Boston Southern food invasion, see here. [BG, EBOS]

Aji Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar is "a tremendously appealing spot for a number of reasons" says Boston's Hidden Restaurants. Among them: the interior is "warm, cozy, quiet, and somewhat romantic," in-house gyoza are "wonderful" and miso soup is "solid." "Does Aji rival such places as Oishii in quality? Probably not, but it doesn't seem too far back from that level." [HiddenBoston]

Well this is fun: nostalgia compels Tiny Urban Kitchen to head to the Hard Rock Cafe near Faneuil Hall, where, surprise, the food isn't particularly inspiring. But where else can you be told "We had a crazy weekend; the patrons drank up most of the beer on tap?" [TUK]

Coppa is sharing paradise, says Delicious Dishings. Food is "nearly always phenomenal," service is "great," and "wood-roasted meatballs with lardo and tomato gravy disappeared in no time." [DD]


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