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Four Green Fields Gets Put Out to Pasture

Photo: Facebook/Four Green Fields Boston

Four Green Fields Restaurant and Pub by the State Street T station is no more. A comment on the Florida-based restaurant's Facebook page suggests that Four Green Fields closed last Monday, and Boston Restaurant Talk notes other announcements on Yelp. That and the phone number is no longer in service. "I really can't believe your not there anymore" mourns another Facebook commenter, so devastated by grief as to write "your" instead of "you're." Four Green Fields served fairly standard Irish pub fare plus flourishes like lamb lollipops and... nope, lamb lollipops was pretty much the only flourish. According to its website, there was also a Four Green Fields running club. BRT says that the restaurant's original Tampa location remains open. Got a tip about Four Green Fields? As usual, hit up the tipline.

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Four Green Fields

201 Washington Street, Boston, MA, 02108.