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Insomnia Cookies Is Opening Two Boston Locations

Photo: Village Alliance

The New York-based, 22-strong chain Insomnia Cookies is indeed coming to Harvard Square as previously reported. A job post on Craigslist from this afternoon confirms that the company is headed to Cambridge and alludes to "2 retail locations throughout Boston," which suggests that there will be not one but two new wee-hour cookie outlets for the sleep and sugar deprived. True to form, the store will be open daily until 3am. A rep tells Eater that there's no official opening date as of yet and that the menu will be similar to all of the other Insomnia Cookies: see below for that. And for the record, these are cookies that you eat while you have insomnia, not cookies that give you insomnia, unless maybe you eat a ton of the Chocolate Chunk and are especially sensitive to theobromine.


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