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Dosa Factory in Central Square Plans a Patio

The Dosa Factory/Shalimar India Food and Spices in Central Square is planning to install a seasonal patio that would help transform this store-restaurant combo into a bit more of a restaurant. The notes from a recent city license commission meeting say that the Dosa Factory has been approved to add a 24-seat patio area for summer and spring. The Factory serves nearly twenty varieties of dosa, ranging from lamb vindaloo to cheeseburger to carrot cake, plus a full menu including curries, tandoori, biryani, and a few Indian-Chinese (fusion!) dishes, of which "American Chopsuey" is confusingly one. And no, the Dosa Factory is not a niche outgrowth of The Cheesecake Factory.

· License commission hearing minutes archive [Official Site]
[Photo: Aaron Kagan]

Dosa Factory

571 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA