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Moon Festival at Foumami; Early Sunday Drinking

FINANCIAL DISTRICT - In honor of the upcoming Chinese Moon Festival, Foumami is rolling out specials in keeping with festival traditions. There will be yuè b?ng, the filled pastries known as Mooncakes, a spicy char siu pulled pork sandwich with in-house red Chinese barbecue sauce and jalapeno hot sauce, and an assortment of boba teas including avocado and taro. September 24 through 28. [Official Site]

CAMBRIDGE - The Miracle of Science has had its request to serve alcohol earlier on Sundays approved. Once it becomes official, you'll be able to order your mimosa at 10am. [City of Cambridge]

BACK BAY - Calling all sour beer lovers: Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake is hosting a multi-course Belgian beer pairing dinner with an emphasis on lambics and Flemish sours. For instance, Steenbrugge Dubbel black pepper wild boar bacon fondue with Artisan Hearth Bakery bread, fruit dipping skewers and a glass of Kriek Boon. September 19, 7pm to 10pm, $75, call to make a reservation: 617.859.8555.

[Photo: Foumami/Anali's First Amendment]

Poe's Kitchen

384 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 617 859 8555 Visit Website

Fóumami - Asian Sandwich Bar

225 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02110 617-426-8858


225 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02110