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Coco's Lounge Replaces 'Noisy and Rat-Infested' Old Stag

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A new venue called Coco's Lounge has replaced what was once the Old Stag Tavern in JP's Egleston Square, and apparently it serves a drink involving a pair of upside down Coronas dunked in a giant margarita glass. Coco's Lounge opened last month and is thus far holding down positive reviews on Yelp, where one commenter says a difference between this and the Old Stag is that now "there is actual food." At this point Coco's could not be reached for further comment, though the same Yelp review mentions that the establishment serves "something with chorizo on a skewer" and mozzarella sticks.

An earlier report from the Jamaica Plain Patch calls Coco's Lounge a tapas bar and says the owners had to convince neighbors that their new place wouldn't be "as ugly, noisy and rat-infested" as its predecessor. So far, they appear to have succeeded in this lofty goal.

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[Photo: Facebook/Coco's Lounge]

Coco's Lounge

3171 Washington St, Boston, MA 02130