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What Next, Coffee From a Tricycle? Yes.

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The rise of the food truck has led some to wonder what's next in the evolution of mobile food vendors, and now there's an answer. Just a week ago Dave Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet/Restaurant and Business Alliance wondered if "busses that provide massage, or motorcycles that serve coffee" would soon come along, and as it turns out he wasn't far off. A new business called The Coffee Trike that bills itself as "Boston's first ever mobile espresso tricycle!" is in the works and is close to appearing on a caffeine-deprived street near you.

Local food blog Heart n' Stomach talks with The Coffee Trike founder Alessandro “San” Bellino about how the battery-powered, architect-designed contraption came to be: "if you can get espresso from a tricycle why not!?" According to the company Twitter page, the trike will service Boston and Cambridge, is aiming for a September debut and will feature espresso drinks. From a tricycle. Meanwhile, a recent Yelp review confirms that there is already a Boston coffee trike in operation over at Equal Exchange. But who doesn't want two coffee trikes to choose from? Probably Dave Andelman. Oh, and don't forget that there's also a kombuchacycle.

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[Photo: Alphabet Arm via Heart n' Stomach]