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The Return of Kriek du Cambridge; Happy Hour Update

CAMBRIDGE - East by Northeast is going on vacation, so you'll have to endure a few days sans-crisp pork belly on Mantu bread. The restaurant will go dark from August 20 to August 27. [Official Site]

KENDALL SQUARE - If you like beer - especially sour beer - this is very exciting. The Cambridge Brewing Company has announced the return of its Kriek du Cambridge, a Lambic-style brew made entirely with ambient, naturally occurring yeast. Look for it next week. [Twitter]

SOUTH END - Happy Hour has been illegal in this state for 28 years, but the South End Patch thinks it could make a return based on input from a public hearing coming up next week. That session is part of a state-wide series of hearings that will wrap up by September 18. [Patch]

[Photo: East by Northeast/Cal Bingham]

Cambridge Brewing Company

1 Kendall Square, , MA 02139 (617) 494-1994 Visit Website

East by Northeast

1128 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 617 876 0286 Visit Website

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