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David Suarez Replaces Darren Carbone at Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano has replaced its executive chef just three months after the chain opened a location in the Seaport District. A post on Chowhound says that La Verdad and Hamersley's alum Darren Carbone "is no longer the exec chef here" and that his replacement is one Keith Poole. A rep for Rosa Mexicano says that's half true: yes, Darren Carbone is out, but the official word is that he's been replaced with chef David Suarez, who is the company's culinary director, which would suggest that Suarez is only temporarily filling the slot until someone else come along. That or he's there to set an example for the restaurant, which hasn't gotten the ravest of reviews.

For instance, Globe restaurant critic Devra First recently gave Rosa Mexicano one and a half stars, citing "soggy fries," a "runny, too-sweet" grilled corn dish and "raw and gooey" churros, which isn't the first time that specific complaint was lodged. (For the record, First liked the guacamole and short ribs.) Know more about this chef shuffle? Hit up the tipline!

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[Photo: David Suarez/David Suarez via The Daily Meal]

Rosa Mexicano

155 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA