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Thieves Strike Restaurant Patrons in Beacon Hill

Two different Beacon Hill dining/frappuccino guzzling establishments have recently been visited by thieves, reports the Beacon Hill Patch. In both cases valuables were lifted from table tops. The guilty party nabbed a bag with "several thousands of dollar [sic] worth of jewelry" at an establishment only described by the Patch as "a Charles Street restaurant" when said bag owner "briefly left her table," and a woman's cell phone was taken by a man who "struck up a conversation" at a "Startbucks" [sic] before he grabbed the phone from the table and made a dash for the Common. Readers take note: don't leave bags with several thousands of dollars worth of jewelry lying around, and don't strike up conversations with men.

· Police: thieves snatch valuables from restaurant tables [Beacon Hill Patch]
[Photo: Beacon Hill]