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Highlights From an American Girl Bistro Job Post

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Today the American Girl Bistro ran a job post on Craiglist for servers and "dessert counter associates," and for those who don't know, the American Girl Bistro is not a hipster restaurant in Somerville but a restaurant for patrons of the American Girl doll store in the Natick Mall. And just what are American Girl dolls? Creepy, that's what.

For instance, the store also features a Doll Hair Salon, and the website says that the bistro is ideal for celebrating "her big day with an American Girl party." It's not clear that "her" doesn't refer to the doll itself, because the dolls do come with alleged birthdays. Just who or what is birthing the dolls? Don't think about it.

Some menu items from the bistro menu (note: all names refer to kinds of dolls): Marie-Grace and Cécile’s petite fruit muffins, trio of mini ice cream cones, Josefina's rancho ham sandwich, Julie’s groovy Jell-O smile, and perfect picnic time ("a bitty burger and mini hot dog, served with a fun salad skewer"). And here's some highlights from the job post.

· The first sentence of the post is just "Experience Play."
· "We are a one-of-a-kind dining experience in the Natick Mall."
· "Successful candidates must... Thrive on providing warm and engaging service to our guests in order to provide a magical experience."
· "Our business is hot."

· American Girl: now hiring [Craiglist]
· American Girl [Official Site]
[Photo: The Greater Grafton Blog]

American Girl Bistro

1245 Worcester St., Natick, MA 01760