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Bridgestreet? You Mean Puritan & Co.

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Photo: Will Gilson, "pregnant" with his first restaurant/451 Marketing

The Inman Square restaurant coming to the former Bosphoros space will not be called bridgestreet, as previously planned, but Puritan & Co. A rep for Garden at the Cellar alum and knocked-up-with-his-first-restaurant chef-owner Will Gilson says Puritan & Co. is now shooting for an October opening on Cambridge Street. Why the name change? Three reasons.

1) Gilson's rep reports that the team "began to feel the former name, bridgestreet, didn’t sound right anymore" after they "became more familiar with the space."
2) The space once housed a business called Puritan Cake Co.
3) Gilson claims to come from a long line (13 generations) of Mayflower stock.

Okay, four reasons: Puritans totally know how to party, right?

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Puritan & Co.

1164 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA