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Bees Descend Upon Central in a Good Way; Pop-up Alert

THE GREENWAY - The Bon Me food truck and its soon-to-be Kendall Square neighbor West Bridge are teaming up for an outdoor, four-course meal that promises to meld the flavors of both participants. Egg with a duck embryo in a jar, perhaps? At the Rings Fountain on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Wednesday August 29, 5pm to 9pm (with service throughout). Tickets are $15 online here or $18 day-of. [Official Site]

CAMBRIDGE - If you see a lot of bees in Central Square on Thursday, don't worry, it's just The Honeybee Hooray, a celebration of urban beekeeping featuring honey tastings galore and the expertise of Follow The Honey, the area's only honey shop. August 16, 6:00pm to 8:30pm at Jill Brown Rhone Plaza at the intersection of Mass Ave, Main Street and Columbia. [Official Site]

DORCHESTER - Beer and wild animals, together at last. The third annual Brew at the Zoo returns to Tropical Forest Pavilion at the Franklin Park Zoo. Local breweries and restaurants will be on hand, including the Cambridge Brewing Co., Blue Hills Brewery, Doyle's Cafe and the Ashmont Grille. Saturday, August 18, 5:00pm to 9:00pm, tickets are $50 and are available here. [Official Site via BRT]
[Photo: Facebook/West Bridge]

West Bridge

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