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Honey Wine from Maine Mead Works


HoneyMaker mead from Maine Mead Works is now available throughout New England. Their award-winning honey wine comes in 10 different flavors, each with its own distinctive and refreshing profile. And while their mead is enjoyed all over the region by the glass, some mixologists have found that their honey wine’s vibrant flavor is perfect for mixing.

For example, their crisp Semi Sweet Mead mixed with vodka and grapefruit juice creates a refreshing cocktail they call "Get on the Bus." Their floral Lavender Mead mixed with lemonade creates a "Lavender Punch" that is sure to be the official drink of summer.

These are just two of the many recipes that can be found on their website. And if you ask them, they think each one is worth exploring and enjoying. To learn more about Maine Mead Works and their versatile, perfect for summer recipes visit