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Rock Bottom Reaches Rock Bottom, Shushes Disabled Boy

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Photo: Trip Advisor/wesoweso

Rock Bottom apparently lived up - or down - to its name this weekend. A flood of angry comments on its Facebook page tells the tale of a group of parents and children in town for a conference on MPS, a severe genetic disorder, over the weekend. The disorder can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including a distinctive facial structure, severe mental impairment, mobility issues, and a shortened lifespan. A group headed out to Rock Bottom for dinner, including several children with MPS. Everything started out fine until a staff member allegedly demanded that one of the disabled children stop making noises.

"The place was great, the food was great, our waiter was great," writes the child's mother, Casey Michelle Hurst, on Rock Bottom's Facebook page. "However, the staff member who approached me was not. We were not treated with respect whatsoever. It's sad, because we would have been back. If you would learn to handle situations like this better, it wouldn't have been such an issue. It was obvious with three children in wheelchairs that they were disabled." Hurst left the restaurant in tears.

Rock Bottom has posted a brief apology on the page, stating that they "recognize all guests equally and treat each guest with respect," and they "intend to look into the circumstances surrounding this event thoroughly."

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Rock Bottom

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