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Pulcinella Mozzarella to Open in the North End

Photo: Trattoria Pulcinella/

The owners of Trattoria Pulcinella, a small Italian restaurant in the Huron Village neighborhood of Cambridge, are opening a new restaurant on Salem Street in the North End, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. The 42-seat Pulcinella Mozzarella will feature a mozzarella bar set up like a chef's table. The restaurant's website appears to be under construction, so it's unclear whether the menu at the new restaurant will indeed be the same as Trattoria Pulcinella's menu or if the content is just being used as a space-filler for the moment. Trattoria Pulcinella's menu features dishes such as baked sardines (stuffed with escarole, black olives and pine-nuts), bucatini (with baby octopus in a spicy tomato sauce), and daily seafood specials. The word pulcinella refers to the traditional mask of Naples, which represents "happiness, no worries, and a passion for good eating," according to the websites for the two restaurants.

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Pulcinella Mozzarella

78 Salem Street, Boston MA, 02113