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After Nearly Sixty Years, Casablanca Will Close

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Photo: Irving House

Casablanca opened as a bar in Harvard Square in 1955, expanded to become a restaurant in 1977, and will close this August after nearly sixty years in business. Casablanca was put up for sale almost one year ago, and now has announced that "the venerable restaurant will close at the end of August." The same article mentions that Casablanca will feature a special menu and "other surprises" in these last two months. Owner Sari Abul-Jubein is apparently planning an overhaul of his other Cambridge restaurant Casbah, which opened last October and now, less than one year later, will transform into "a barbecue concept" called Fat Man Café.

· Casablanca to close at the end of August [ via BRT]
· Casablanca owner puts restaurant up for sale []


40 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA