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Someone Repeatedly Threw a Brick at Olives

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A sentence from a previous Eater post on celebrity chef and sometimes Boston restaurateur Todd English: "One wonders how long the remaining Bostonians who still frequent his establishments will remain supportive." Sentence from a Charlestown Patch article this morning: "The vandal then grabbed the brick and threw it again—this time at a front window." Yes, someone repeatedly threw a brick at Todd English's newly reopened Olives, cracking two windows and causing damage to the door frame, says the Patch. Sure it could be a random act of vandalism, but Todd English is a controversy magnet, and so it would seem more likely that the suspect chose Olives on purpose. But what exactly motivated the cracked Olives: was it the way English treats his employees, his duplicitous statements about the status of his affairs, or the fact that he's naming an oyster after himself?

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