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18 Maine Restaurant Picks; A New Portland Pop-Up

Here now are this week's top stories from the newly launched Eater Maine, covering Portland and beyond.

[Photo: Ted Axelrod]

PORTLAND - Hugo's now has a fun, younger sibling with the opening of the adjacent Eventide. The new addition came out swinging earlier this week with a massive selection of oysters from near and far. Mollusk slurpers rejoice.

STATE-WIDE - Here's the first ever Maine 18, your guide to the 18 most essential restaurants in the state. On the list: the contemporary Greek Emilitsa in Portland and the funky Mexican El Camino in Brunswick.

PORTLAND - After a storied career of bouncing between the kitchens of high-end Chicago restaurants including Alinea, Brandon Baltzley ditched the scene to start farming in Maine. Now he's bringing his pop-up concept CRUX to Portland, with flavor combinations including tomato and pine.

Eventide Oyster Co.

86 Middle Street, Portland, ME