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Cakes Bakery Closes in Arlington, Scampo on TV

ARLINGTON - Cakes Bakery on Mass Ave is no more. The bakery and cafe posted the news on Facebook, saying it simply couldn't afford fire alarm system repairs ordered by the Health Department. However they are still able to take special orders and Boston Restaurant Talk notes that other locations remain open in Milton and in Watertown. [Facebook via BRT, BRT]

BEACON HILL - Chef Simon Restrepo
of Scampo will star in the latest episode of the new WGBH show Neighborhood Kitchens, which focuses on international cuisine found in New England. The show airs at 6:30pm this Sunday, July 8. [Official Site]

ARLINGTON - A new Italian restaurant called Scugnizzi, which is perhaps the most fun-to-say name of any Italian restaurant in the area, is now open at 450 Mass Ave. Scugnizzi takes the place of the former Buona Vita and opened its doors for dinner last night. [BRT via GS]

[Photo: Facebook/Cakes Bakery -Arlington]

Scampo at The Liberty Hotel

215 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114 857 241 1150 Visit Website

Cakes Bakery

795 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA