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New Restaurants for Southie; Yellowfin Alert

SOUTH BOSTON - A bunch of new restaurants are Southie-bound. The Herald says that a new restaurant will be opening in what was Quiet Man Pub, and that a Starbucks, Subway and a new venture from the team behind Dorchester's The Blarney Stone are all en route, too. [BH via BRT]

HUB-WIDE - The Globe reports that many Boston-area servers now fully expect, and very much depend on, a twenty percent tip. Says a waitress at Max Brenner in Back Bay: "if you don’t tip them fairly, we’re paying you to come in, and our job is, in essence, meaningless." [BG]

THE CAPE - Keep your eyes peeled for local yellowfin tuna popping up on menus around town. Sea to Table says the fish are being caught on the Cape, and since the organization's motto is "fish now on our docks can be in your kitchen tomorrow," you could starting seeing them in Boston this week. [Official Site]

[Photo: The Blarney Stone/Official Site]

Blarney Stone Bar

1509 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA 02122 617-436-8223

Max Brenner

745 Boylston Street, , MA 02116 (617) 274-1741 Visit Website