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Mother Juice Truck to Squeeze and Blend Local Produce

Photo: Mother Juice/Kickstarter

After hitting their Kickstarter goal of $13,000 with over a week left in the campaign, two local women, Claire Schlemme and Ellen Fitzgerald, will be able to pursue their dream of trucking fresh juice and other juicy things around Boston. The Mother Juice Truck will squeeze every last drop of juice and pulp out of organic fruits (mostly local) in order to make juices, smoothies, vegan baked goods, fruit leathers, popsicles, and more. The money they've earned will allow them to purchase, among other things, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer, "the Rolls Royce of juicers."

Mother Juice's menu will change weekly based mostly on what can be found at local farmers' markets, although some non-local produce will supplement the recipes, such as citrus. Think pineapple-cucumber-pepper-basil juice and peach + cucumber + lime popsicles. Schlemme and Fitzgerald cite Massachusetts' large amount of farms and "health conscious" citizens as reasons why Mother Juice belongs here in Boston.

While they have not yet announced an opening date, Schlemme and Fitzgerald's Kickstarter page indicates that they estimate they'll be delivering incentives to their donors in August, and some of the incentives rely on the truck being up and running.

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Mother Juice (Kendall Square)

625 W Kendall St, Cambridge, MA 02142