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One Late-Night Cookie Delivery Service Is Not Enough

Photo: Insomnia Cookies Truck/Philadelphia411

Insomnia Cookies may soon bring late-night baked goods to students in Harvard Square, according to a Boston Business Journal report. The 22-location chain is spread around the country, mostly in close proximity to college students, obviously the demographic most likely to be binging on cookies at 3 AM. The company is looking at a vacant spot on 65 Mt. Auburn St., a mere block from many Harvard dorms, and they will deliver from 6 PM to 3 AM for as little as $7. Cookies start at $1.25 each, but students looking to impress their entire residence hall can shell out the big bucks for bulk orders and sampler packs. Milk, of course, is also available.

Meanwhile, the kids over at Tufts are all like, "Been there, done that." A guy in a bright orange jumpsuit has been biking around town delivering late-night cookies (chocolate chip! Snickerdoodles!) since January, five for $5 with no delivery fee, under the name Sweet Idea. Sweet indeed. As each company has a fairly limited delivery radius, we probably won't see any late-night cookie deliveryman duels anytime soon.

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Insomnia Cookies

65 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge, MA