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Whole Foods Beats Boston Restaurants for 'Best' Salads

Photo: 'Best' South End: Coppa/Cal Bingham

The Improper Bostonian's massive, annual "Boston's Best" list is now out, with over 80 entries in the food and drink section alone. Categories range from macro (pizza: Pizzeria Regina) to micro (power breakfast/lunch: The Bristol Lounge) with sections devoted to various ethnic cuisines (Vietnamese: Ánh Hông) and to the best restaurants in specific neighborhoods (South End: Coppa). Besides a handful of food nerd-worthy mentions, (best of Central Square: Baraka Café), the list tends to skew mainstream. For instance, Joe’s American Bar & Grill is cited as the best restaurant in Back Bay, and the winner for the city's best salad is not one of Boston's many shining examples of farm to table dining but rather Whole Foods.

The list also takes a surprisingly curmudgeonly stance on pop-ups, which are included in the worst trend category, which, this being a best list, presumably makes them the best worst trend. Says the Improper: "We don’t want to have to 'Like' you on Facebook to be privy to your events or added to some mysterious list of approved attendees."

Feel strongly about some of the Improper's selections? Do tell.

· Boston's Best 2012: food & drink [The Improper Bostonian]


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