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Froyo Madness Rages on With 16 Handles Invasion

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The NYC-based frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles has decided that Boston doesn't quite have enough froyo, so here it comes. A post from Restaurant News Release shares details about the company's move to Boston and declares that it "started the self-serve frozen yogurt revolution in New York City." The name refers to the number of flavors available on tap daily via self-serve, and of course it also conjures up the 1984 film Sixteen Candles, which probably tells you something about the target audience. 16 Handles is headed for Coolidge Corner, which should be a breeze considering that the CEO says the company "cut our teeth on the toughest market to crack" back in New York. It then went on to pick lower hanging fruit in Boca Raton and elsewhere along the East Coast. Locally, there may be even more handles to come, since the company "is actively looking for available sites and prospective franchisees" around town.

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16 Handles

1309 Beacon Street, Brookline