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Name of East Asia Replacement Is Some Condolence

Photo: Official Site

Sure it's sad that Powderhouse Square neighborhood favorite East Asia shuttered last week, but boy does its replacement have a fun name. The Davis Square LiveJournal announced that a new venture called DooWee & Rice is coming to the space and will feature "gourmet modern rice plates, Chinese 'burgers,' and fresh Vietnamese salads." The DooWee & Rice Facebook page and website say the restaurant is "a small fusion test kitchen" and that it plans to open in August. Apparently, the restaurant has offered a preview of its food at Wonder Bar in Allston. As you can see from the photo, the T-shirts are ready to roll. DooWee also shares several other delightful tidbits about what to expect and where the name comes from.

In its own words:

· "My name is DooWee (duy) and I am a young chef with big dreams!"

· "Good heart warming food from various regions of the U.S."

· "Our mission is to bring you all cuisine I have been fortunate enough to try from all over the U.S. and even overseas."

· "My interpretation of NY Halal chicken and rice, refined through many failed experiments and tons of stress. I'm proud to share it!"

For photos of some of the menu items, see here.

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DooWee & Rice

868 Broadway, Somerville, MA