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Nervous 21lb Lobster Now in City That Loves Lobster

That 21 pound lobster that was caught off Cape Cod and then raffled for charity has found a new home at the New England Aquarium, says the Globe. If you were a lobster the size of a toddler, is lobster-loving Boston really where you'd want to be?

The anonymous winner of the raffle proved that there are still some decent people out there, not only forgoing their prize of 21 "retail-sized lobsters" but also donating the biggie. Of course the aquarium already has a giant lobster, but now it has two. A spokesperson from the aquarium says that lobsters like these are "clearly very genetically superior.” So genetically superior that they can be bred to the point where there are enough to go around for, say, six-foot, single-lobster lobster rolls? Meanwhile, what do you think the aquarium should call its new guest? Suggestion: Sasqclawtch.

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[Photo: The Pet Blog]