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Belmont to Get First Mexican Restaurant, Cafe Burrito

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Mural painted by Cafe Burrito owner James Bramante
Mural painted by Cafe Burrito owner James Bramante

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

The soon-to-open Cafe Burrito will bring beans to Belmont in the form of coffee and burritos, taking over the former space of Angelato, a gelato spot adjacent to the Studio Cinema. Apparently Belmont’s first Mexican restaurant, Cafe Burrito is owned by the Studio Cinema owner, James Bramante. Local food blogger Dan Whalen (The Food in My Beard), who previously made gelato at Angelato, is designing the menu, including a special chili powder made in-house that will be jarred and available for purchase. In the style of similar spots in the Mission District of San Francisco, Cafe Burrito will operate as a coffee shop all day with the Mexican menu becoming available from lunchtime on.

The menu will feature burritos, tacos, and “quesos a la plancha,” a grilled cheese and quesadilla hybrid. There will be five salsas available, all made in-house, including a seasonal fruit salsa that changes monthly; Whalen is currently putting the finishing touches on a peach salsa. Diners will be able to choose their meat (carnitas, barbecue chicken, and more) or vegetables, fillings, and toppings as burritos are rolled right at the counter.

The cafe menu includes Dr. Smoothie fruit and coffee-based smoothies, a wide range of coffee and tea options, and breakfast pastries.

Bramante is preparing for a soft opening around Monday, August 6th, and a grand opening on Saturday, August 11th. No word yet on whether he’ll take advantage of his side-by-side properties to offer burrito-and-a-movie date night deals.