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Grass Fed Hoping to Reopen Today After Car Crash

Photo: Eiffel Designs via Universal Hub

Add this to the list of reasons not to drive drunk: risk driving your car into a popular neighborhood burger spot and incurring the wrath of burger and shake lovers when the restaurant is forced to close temporarily, which is exactly what happened this weekend. Universal Hub reports that a car crashed into Grass Fed in Jamaica Plain around 1:30am early Sunday morning. According to Grass Fed, it was a drunk driver who was responsible for the accident. Thankfully the damage appears to be relatively minor and Grass Fed hopes to be back up and running very soon. The restaurant remained closed all day yesterday but they are hoping to get clearance to reopen at 5pm this evening.

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Grass Fed (Centre Street)

605 Centre Street, Boston, MA 02130 617 553 2278

605 Centre Street, Boston, MA