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The Beloved Little East Asia Closes

Diminutive neighborhood darling East Asia just off the rotary in Powderhouse Square in Somerville is no more. Sadly, you'll never again sample their in-house tofu in dishes like five flavor bean curd or try the homemade dumplings which members of the staff often filled on giant trays at a table in the back. The Chinese and Thai restaurant's phone number is no longer functional, and a post on Chowhound reports that there is a handwritten sign in the window advertising a new name.

There's no word yet whether the new establishment will be run by the same owners or whether it will be similar in nature, but regardless, East Asia will be missed. The mourning is already in full effect on Chowhound: "Noooooo! I just started a thread a few weeks ago about how good their tofu was! This is incredibly depressing."

· So depressed - East Asia is gone! [CH]
[Photo: The Modern Boston]

East Asia

868 Broadway, Somerville, MA