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London-Based Yo! Sushi May Convey Sushi Around Boston


As early as November 2010, rumors were circulating that London-based fast food sushi chain Yo! Sushi was eyeing Boston for a new location. Known for its conveyor belt that transports sushi directly to diners, Yo! Sushi hasn't made an appearance here yet, but the rumors have recently reignited, according to a Chowhound thread. Meanwhile, a June Financial Times article indicates that three Washington, DC branches will open this summer, and the company has its sights set on opening a few more in a city like Boston, Miami, or Chicago by next summer. A helpful conveyor-sushi tip from Chowhound user Boston_Otter: "The trick is to sit close to the 'deployment' area. If you're too far away, you'll be watching sadly as plate after plate of cucumber rolls sails by."

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