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Illegal Restaurant Shut Down; Deep Ellum is a Beer, Too

ALLSTON - Deep Ellum the bar will soon start serving Deep Ellum the beer. Both are named for a neighborhood of Dallas, where bar owner Aaron Sanders hails from, and the bar will be the only one in what Dallas' Pegasus News calls the "distant new market" of Boston featuring the Texas beer. [Pegasus News]

CAPE COD - A really, really big lobster was caught off Nauset Beach. Like 21 pounds big. An employee of the local market where the beast is now on display told the Cape Cod Times that it's "the size of my torso." For more freak lobsters from the past few months, see here. [Cape Cod Times via BI, EBOS]

DORCHESTER - The cops shut down an illegal restaurant and "after-hours party spot" on Woodrow Ave over the weekend. The tenants insisted it was a party for family members only, but were charging their forty guests for plates of food and beer. Police say events like this are part of a growing trend. [Dorchester Reporter]

[Photo: Deep Ellum/Cal Bingham]

Deep Ellum

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Deep Ellum

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