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Todd English Takes to Reality TV to Find New Chef

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Photo: Todd

After finishing renovations at Olives - the New York City location, not our local brick-thrown-at-two-windows location - Todd English decided to entrust his search for a new executive chef to reality TV, appearing on last night's Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell on the Food Network to test the four candidates whom Anne had chosen for him. Todd stood sullenly brooding through the first challenge, appearing to break a silent sweat when realizing that none of the contestants looked qualified for the position. After dismissing personal chef Taylor for not being able to get her tomato couscous out in 45 minutes and terminating former Spin Doctors saxophonist Paul for struggling with homemade pasta, Todd gave the restaurant to each of the remaining contestants for a night to see how they could handle a full service.

Tully, who owns his own restaurant in Nashville, struggled in the beginning but "blossomed into an executive chef" mid-service, according to Anne. Ben, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, appeared to be the frontrunner in the earlier challenges but plummeted under pressure as tickets flew from the printer and piled on the floor. "Where's your passion? Where's your guts?" asked Todd, sounding more bored than passionate himself. "He's making me look like an idiot," he continued. "I'm embarrassed. I'm fed up." Anne glumly agreed as Todd said that Ben looked like he didn't care; meanwhile, it was Todd who looked like he cared least of anyone.

Ben was sent home straight from the kitchen, and Tully was called in to face Anne and Todd. After grilling Tully on how he thought his service went, Todd said, "I have just one more question for you. Are you ready to move to New York?" Cue the champagne and the congratulations from the staff. No word on whether Tully will be serving customers the Todd English Blue Point oysters.

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