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$800K Price-Chop; Rental Heatmap; Eastie Development

It's time again for Curbed Cuts: all the latest neighborhood news from our sister site Curbed Boston...

[Photo: Curbed]

BACK BAY - After almost a year on the market, the 9,107-square-foot townhouse at 410 Beacon Street, in keeping with the meta-trend in luxury Boston housing, slashed its tag on Wednesday from an imperial $9,650,000 to a kingly $8,850,000.

HUB-WIDE - We called 2011 the Year of the Shovel in the Hub, and we were not messing around: The construction has continued unabated into the second half of 2012 now. Herewith, then, the first-ever Curbed Boston Rental Heatmap: where the new apartment buildings are going up or have recently gone up.

EAST BOSTON - The $90 million apartment project at 6-26 New Street, 12 years in the making on 4 acres of prime Eastie waterfront, with views clear to Charlestown and LoPresti Park as a neighbor, is moving forward. It's been, however, scaled back—to 163 units from 224, and the square footage has been cinched 44 percent—to make economic sense.

BACK BAY/BEACON HILL - Two Boston homes asking more than $10 million hit the market on the same day (Wednesday), a rare thing, if not unprecedented. The 7,878-square-foot townhouse at 78 Beacon Street is asking $10,750,000. And the 9,817-square-foot 130 Commonwealth Avenue wants $12,500,000. Whether either gets those prices is another matter.