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Devra First Isn't Too Happy With Happy's

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Photo: Cal Bingham

For her latest Globe review, Devra First gives the newish Happy's Bar + Kitchen by Michael Schlow one and a half stars. "Cheer can’t be forced," she notes, unimpressed by eclectic decor which juxtaposes "Don Corleone, a gorilla, and Bart Simpson." Likewise, the food is "all over the place." Matzoh balls are too rare and Portuguese fisherman's stew is "ruined by a tomato base that tastes like spaghetti sauce." Sandwiches and dishes with Mexican influences fare better, as do the staff, who genuinely seem happy. [BG]

Much hype has been shed over Burger King's bacon sundae, but who has actually tried it? Alexandra Cavallo, who writes about the late-on-the-bacon-bandwagon offering for the Boston Phoenix. Though she is met with ridicule and disbelief by the staff, she finally succeeds in procuring a bacon sundae, which "looked delicious, and not a little obscene." She concludes that the dish "wasn't that bad," nor was it good, though it isn't the worst in the world of "fast-food gimmicks cashing in on the 'let's slam together a couple of foods people already like separately and see if these fatties gobble this monster hybrid up.'" In the end, Cavallo decides that not all things are better with bacon, and feels queasy. [BP]

Somerville's Mixtura came out swinging when it opened last March, saying it would have "more creative food that tastes a lot better than any diner in the Boston area" (Strip T's responded in the comments section). Now Ellen Bhang reviews the restaurant for the Globe's Cheap Eats column and portrays it as "Latino cuisine’s greatest hits meets American diner." For instance, "buttered white toast" accompanies a dish of salmon and quinoa with that huge kind of Peruvian corn and aji amarillo. "Mixtura is the best Peruvian-Salvadoran-Mexican diner we know." [BG]

Liz Pelly visits FoMu for the Boston Phoenix and finds the dairy-free ice cream to be "some of the most delicious I've tasted in my 4.5 years of veganism." Her top pick is the Dark & Stormy, one of several boozy options, including ginger ice cream, ginger, rum and lemon. The coffee (George Howell) is "some of the best-tasting in Allston," and, in short, "this place rules." [BP]

Some Foodie Asshole is too xenophobic to go to Peach Farm without "being accompanied by an Asian," yet somehow a person of Asian heritage is friends with her, and goes with. She doesn't know what she eats, because said friend speaks to the server in Mandarin, but she assumes it is Lobster with Ginger and Scallions, aka "a fuck ton of lobster." The dish is proclaimed to be "awesome" and a photo of what appears to be pea pod stems bears the caption "And of course some seaweed salad." Why Some Foodie Asshole would expect to find seaweed salad, which is more common at Japanese restaurants, at a Chinese restaurant, is unclear, but probably stems from the same factors that led her to hesitate to come here in the first place. [SFA]

Correction: Some Foodie Asshole is a she, not a he, as previously written.

Peach Farm

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Happy's Bar and Kitchen

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Happy's Bar + Kitchen

1363 Boylston Street, Boston, MA