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Devra First's DiBiccari Prophesy May Come True

Photo: Louis and Michael DiBiccari/Dishing

Earlier this week Eater reported that a new restaurant called Tavern Road was being considered for the former Blue Wave space in Fort Point. As it turns out, Louis and Michael DiBiccari are involved. Fort Point Boston Blog names the two as the proprietors of Tavern Road, which is still in the planning phase. Louis is a Sel de la Terre alum and presides over the kitchens of Storyville and Minibar while Michael is a manager at Eastern Standard; here's a video from when they faced off in the Globe's 2011 Munch Madness. Given Devra First's review of Storyville, it only seemed like a matter of time before the DiBiccaris got their own place. In January she wrote: "DiBiccari’s food deserves a real restaurant where people come for the purpose of eating it. I look forward to the day he opens one."

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Tavern Road

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