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Nookie Cleared for Final Episode of ATW in 80 Plates

Photo: Bravo

Last night's episode of the new Bravo show Around the World in the World in 80 Plates was the most suspenseful thus far for Boston viewers, who watched Fenway Park executive chef Steve "Nookie" Postal with his head on the chopping block. There's now only one more episode, which meant that three of four remaining contestants had to vote which of them would pack their bags. It was pure bad timing that, in a rare show of lack of skill, Nookie had cooked skirt steak too well done in meat-crazed Argentina just before finals. In his own words, Nookie described the dish as "like gnawing on rubber bands." A local diner was less kind, calling the presentation "a crime." Lucky for him, the chief alliance he had fostered all season paid off, and he was spared to now have a shot at the finals round, which means he might win $150,000, a new car, and maybe some kind of parade in Boston? Next stop: Uruguay.

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