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The Future of Felt; More Mobile Food for DTX

THEATER DISTRICT - Lawyers for the shuttered club formerly known as Felt have asked city officials for six months to make the place operational as something new, says Universal HUB. The club was shut down earlier this year, though its Facebook page still lists "drinking" as one of its activities and interests. [UH, FB]

SOMERVILLE- Serious Eats contributor J. Kenji López-Alt seriously pines for the former Steve's Ice Cream on Elm, which he says is "widely agreed to be the birthplace of modern ultra-premium ice cream." He then defines what ultra-premium is. "I still haven't found ice cream that is quite as rich and dense as the original Steve's, and I somehow doubt I ever will." [SE]

DOWNTOWN CROSSING - Mobile food vendors may benefit from a $200,000 study the city plans to conduct to make business better for pushcarts, food trucks, and kiosks. A spokesperson says they hope the effort creates "a ‘must see,’ world-class destination for years to come." [BH via GS]

[Photo: Felt/Eventbrite]