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Grease and Plant Thieves Strike in Quincy and Chelsea

Photo: Facebook/Fusion Foods

Two bizarre thefts recently occurred at restaurants in Quincy and Chelsea, one of which was caught on video. According to, the cops are on the hunt for the scoundrels who lifted one and three quarter tanks of used cooking grease from Chinese restaurant Cathay Pacific on Hancock Street in North Quincy earlier this week. Employees heard noises just before 5am and found two guys siphoning grease from the tanks out back. Why would a restaurant care that some of its spent oil went missing? Because they sell it to a company that converts it into biofuel, which is probably what the thieves had in mind, too.

Meanwhile, Fusion Foods on Everett Ave in Chelsea posted footage on Facebook from one of its security cameras that shows an individual in flowing garments yanking plants from the restaurant's container garden in broad daylight. The nerve! The restaurant says this isn't the first time the dreaded Chelsea plant thief has struck and says that the thefts are "very frustrating." Here's some suggestions that were posted in the comments following the video:

· "You need the plant from that movie little shop of horrors."
· "You need to wrap thorn bush around base of plant."
· "I'm ready to stay up all night to catch her."
· "Set up a sensor alarm in those plants that will scare the crap out of her!"
· "I know A MOUSE TRAP!!"

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· Men allegedly stole cooking grease from Quincy eatery []
· Fusion's plant/flower thieves [Facebook via Twitter]

Fusion Foods

11 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA