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A $2M Handyman's Delight; Allston's Green District

Photo: Curbed

You've made it through another week - as a reward, here's your regular Friday dose of Curbed Cuts: all the latest neighborhood news from our sister site Curbed Boston

BEACON HILL - A newly listed five-story single-family on Hancock Street would like you to know that it's basement "would be ideal for a Sauna, Steam Room and large Wine Cellar" (though it's not entirely clear whether these three uses would share space or demand an exclusive domain). Oh, and it also has views of the Statehouse and a large private patio that's obviously seen better days. Yes, folks, this potential 6-BR listing is a handyman's delight. Not only that, it's increasingly within reach of more and more handymen: Its tag was chopped $300K this week to $2M even.

ALLSTON - One firm wants to stamp a two-block area of the neighborhood between Commonwealth Avenue and Brainerd Road as the Green District. Tenants who rent its planned 500 units of excruciatingly environmentally-friendly housing will have to sign green declarations that demand tenants think like Al Gore while showering (we said "like," not "about") and cooking and cleaning. For at least 80 units, the declarations will mean a collective power bill—good, old-fashioned shame.
SOUTH END - You didn't act fast enough, see, and now all the valuable property in that northeastern corner of the South End near the Turnpike is just about all bought up. The old warehouse at 345 Harrison Avenue recently traded for $14 million. Electrical supplier Graybar, the seller, will be allowed to stick around for another year while the new owner decides what to do developmentally. Recall that directly across the street is the Ink Block project, which will transform the old Herald HQ into 475 apartments with 80,000 square feet of retail.
BAY VILLAGE - Local developer the Congress Group has teamed with heavy-hitter Related Companies to build out an old charter-school building at 100 Arlington Street in Park Square into the next Clarendon. Related built that luxury puppy on Stuart Street, designed by bow-tied Yale architect dean Robert A.M. Stern, at the end of the last decade, and its 33 condos are 75 percent sold at prices that start at $695,000 for a studio (and when the resell, they resell for nearly $2K a foot). One Hundred Arlington is expected to be 128 luxury condos.