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Kitchen, Your New Hardtack Go-To, Opens Tomorrow in the South End

Photo: Melissa Ostrow/UrbanDaddy

The brand spankin' new Kitchen soft-opens on Tremont in the South End tomorrow, says UrbandDaddy, who also shares a look at the restaurant's menu. Rootsy, historically inspired foods are a burgeoning trend right, but at Kitchen they're a full-blown trend. In the space next to each dish on the menu, where other restaurants denote spice level with an icon of a chili pepper or meatlessness with a little picture of carrot, Kitchen tells you how old the recipe is. Most cocktails and dishes hail from the early 1900's, but there are some entries from the 1800's, and then there's The Grand Sallet, from circa 1638, with mixed greens, figs, capers, currants, hard boiled egg, candied orange, dates, and a sherry vinaigrette. And yes, hardtack makes an appearance. Pops used to occupy this space, but now it belongs to great-grandpops.

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560 Tremont St Boston, MA