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Comm Ave Outpost of Upper Crust Empire Crumbles

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The Upper Crust, which is under federal investigation for labor violations, has shuttered its Comm Ave location near BU, says Boston Restaurant Talk. BRT also notes that the company previously shut down operations in Beverly and Salem; eighteen locations remain throughout New England with one in DC. A Globe article from earlier this week says that a second federal inquiry is underway as immigration officials look into whether "Upper Crust Pizzeria harbored and exploited illegal immigrant workers." Though activists have launched boycotts and demonstrations against the company, a spokesperson tells the Globe that the accusations are "false, malicious, and defamatory." With another location gone, time will tell whether the bad PR continues to take its toll. It's a shame - the pizza's not bad.

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The Upper Crust

4 North Pendleton Street, , VA 20117 (540) 687-5666

The Upper Crust

888 Commonwealth Avenue