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Sel de la Terre Does Ramen; Chinatown Overlooked

BACK BAY - Contained within the ramen craze is the late night ramen craze, and that's the one that Sel de la Terre is now joining. Next week the restaurant will begin offering a Banchan Bar menu Tuesday through Sunday from 10 pm on including ramen, udon, somen and "pizza-like tarts with rich toppings like bulgogi, bone marrow, and caramelized onions." June 12 through September. [Chowder]

SOUTH END - The UK-based boutique YOTEL hotel group says it's considering a Boston location, which could spell a new restaurant and new bars for the South End. The closest YOTEL in New York has a one-to-three Asian fusion restaurant to bar ratio. []

CHINATOWN - Local restaurant critic MC Slim JB said that "ignoring Chinatown is borderline criminal" when he noticed that there weren't any Chinatown entries on The Improper Bostonian's roundup of seafood dishes. @BostonChinatown fired back with this tweet: "Improper Boston were just catering to their usual audience & businesses. We are just not good in the PR dept." [TIB, Twitter]

[Photo: Sel de la Terre/Official Site]

Sel de La Terre

774 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199 617 266 8800

Sel de la Terre

774 Boylston Street, Boston, MA