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Is Jason Doo Planning a Boston Restaurant?

A post today on Tiny Urban Kitchen closes with some juicy rumormongering about chef Jason Doo, a Menton alum who recently returned from traveling and staging in kitchens abroad. Tiny Urban Kitchen attended a private dinner party at Doo's residence, which also included food luminaries like Yukihiro Kawaguchi, who puts the "Guchi" in Guchi's Midnight Ramen and Miguel de Leon, the sommelier of NYC's Hakkasan. The post drags the reader through a knee-weakening series of photos depicting Asian specialties like Hong Kong-style waffles, milk bread, xiao long bao and beggar's chicken, baked in mud.

The post closes with this suggestive cliffhanger: "I was afraid he [Jason Doo] would go to Hong Kong and never come back, but it appears he's back in Boston, planning something - a new project, perhaps?... We'll have to wait and see." Plus, a Facebook page for Science & Cooking captions a photo series of the dinner as "Dinner 'tasting' for a restaurant concept named Kin-Sai."

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[Photo: Jason Doo/Tiny Urban Kitchen]


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