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Fruitee Yogurt to Make Cleveland Circle Sweeter, Tangier

Yet another froyo store is opening in Boston, says Heather Vandenengel of Dig Boston, who recently noticed a sign in Cleveland Circle that proclaims “Fruitee Yogurt: Coming Soon." Vandenengel, who also first spotted Dante's Frozen Yogurt Bar, has had it up to here with froyo, and it appears that Fruitee Yogurt is the last straw. She writes "In addition to the aggravatingly stupid spelling of 'Fruitee,' I was enraged at the 'Coming Soon' bit. How many fro-yo joints does one small city need?"

Apparently, the answer is a ton. For the record, Vandenengel then goes on to admit that she actually appreciates the ample opportunities for "four-flavored fat-free fro-yo mess piled high with whatever the fuck you want." Fruitee Yogurt is expanding from Lexington, where it serves flavors such as super plain tart, salted caramel, peanut butter and blood orange.

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[Photo: Official Site]