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Brookline's Green Bistro Will Actually Be Called Alere

The upcoming Brookline Village restaurant Green Bistro isn't really going to be called Green Bistro. That was just a working title; the real name will be Alere, which is Latin for "to nourish."

Though its name is Latin, the food will be American, so you could say it's a Latin American restaurant, though that would be extremely misleading. Alere will open on a restaurant-heavy stretch of Washington Street right by Cafe Stoli and Oriental Pearl, and it intends to showcase ingredients from regional farms in dishes that may include "walnut crusted rainbow trout with sautéed shrimp, lemon basil butter whipped potatoes, and sautéed spinach," says the Brookline TAB. The two-story Alere will seat 189, will serve three meals a day, and aims to keep prices between $7 and $22.75.

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[Photo: Brookline Village/antimatter]


202 Washington Street, Brookline, MA