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Peer Inside the New Seaport Monster Empire

<span class="credit">[Photos: <a href="http://calbingham.tumblr.com/">Cal Bingham</a>]</span>
[Photos: Cal Bingham]

[Photos: Cal Bingham]

The huge new Empire soft-opened last weekend and celebrates its grand opening tonight, but in case you weren't invited, here's a look inside. For contrast, here are some construction shots. Empire comes from Big Night Entertainment Group, creators of Red Lantern and Gem, and with a capacity for 650 and somewhat positive reviews of the food and drink at the owners' existing establishments, Empire may emerge to claim the title of the biggest Boston restaurant with the best food. Empire continues in the vein of engorged, shiny, festive restaurants that have opened in the Seaport District, only this one isn't upscale Mexican. It's roughly pan-Asian, with dumplings, buns, pot stickers, teriyaki, pad thai, udon, and sushi. If any food nerds do happen to wander in, they'll most likely be drawn to the "other" section of the menu, which includes pho, lamb clay pot with dates and eggplant, and bibimbap. Meanwhile, non-food nerds (food prom queens?) will be pleased to discover the fish n' chips maki.

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