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Explaining Somerville's Boom, All The World's A Stage

SOMERVILLE - For Boston Magazine, Christine Liu examines the causes behind the Somerville restaurant explosion. Apparently one reason is that Joe Cassinelli of Posto and The Painted Burro knows “all the ladies who work the desks at City Hall." [BM]

HUB-WIDE- The Globe shares a roundup of all the famous, far-flung places that Boston chefs have staged at. For instance, Alex Crabb of the upcoming Asta did a stint at Noma, ranked as the best restaurant in the world. [BG]

KENMORE SQUARE - Here's a look at the surprisingly holistic staff training process at Eastern Standard. "They take in a video of a talk... about how friendly gestures cause the body to emit oxytocin, a chemical that makes pleasant people more likeable." [BG]

[Photo: The Painted Burro/LG Interiors]

The Painted Burro

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Eastern Standard

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The Painted Burro

219 Elm Street, Somerville, MA