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Here's Alice Cooper Holding a Rare Orange Lobster

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Photo: Facebook/Phantom Gourmet

The odds of an orange lobster being caught are one in ten million, but the odds of an orange lobster being caught and then getting its picture taken with rock star Alice Cooper? One would think it impossible, and yet it happened yesterday right here in Massachusetts. The Phantom Gourmet posted a shot of Cooper holding one of the rare lobsters discovered at Fresh Catch Seafood and Deli in Mansfield, MA yesterday. But is that really Alice Cooper, and wearing a polo shirt? According to his tour schedule, Cooper plays the Comcast Center in Mansfield today, so either it's him, or Alice Cooper has a doppelganger running around taking pictures of himself with freak lobsters, which seems even less likely.

· Phantom Gourmet [Facebook via MassBytes]
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Fresh Catch

30 Chauncy Street, Mansfield, MA